Electronic Commerce

Even though we are specialize in custom design, we can't help but notice that there is a huge demand in online shopping. We have the perfect CMS.

Membership Module

Thru our extensive course in the web industry, we have learn and perfected our own CMS with the best implementation of the membership module. This module is very robust and custom.

Custom Shopping Cart

To develop a perfect e-commerce site, one must understand the importance of inventory system and shopping cart section for the front-end. During our many years developing e-commerce site, there is no one idea is the same, every shopping cart system that we develop is different in terms of functionality and we're here to help you setup your own online store.

Custom Payment Gateway

We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently there is no viable payment gateway available for the Indonesian market, we can integrate our own CMS with the payment gateway API that is available. or we can do what we've always do for the Indonesian market, which is a confirmation form for the buyer when they have made the wire transfer.