Find Out WhatMakes Us Different

Learn how we approach each project

Because we believe every single project that we've worked on is not the same, there is always a different approach to deliver the final result. But this illustration of our process shows the general guidelines on how we work and collaborate with our clients.

Responsive Design


We get acquaintance, find out what makes us different.


Brainstorming, we discuss what your needs and how we can translate it to the web.


We create concept to reality, we bring the next step of the design to working document.


When all the wireframe, concept is done we begin to work on the project.


Integrating the design and wireframe. just like a ferrari marries the engine and body.


When all thing is done, you can manage the site using our CMS. and that's what we called the avioc experience.

Who Are We

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Avioc is a design company providing professional web design, web development and graphic design. We are a team of dedicated and focused designers, our goal is to create professional and high quality design that integrates beautifully with most current web technologies.

Our Philosophy

Born from the idea that good design is not enough for the web platform, one must understand the ever evolving web technologies and able to transfer the idea into such platform. from there we want to create a solution that combine beautiful design and web technology . We believe that a great design could emerge or even exceed companies own image, we are capable to deliver that, contact us and give us a try. we always love to talk about design.